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vrijdag, juni 13, 2014

DIY Tie Dye Bleaching

Yesterday me and a friend of mine desided to tie dye bleach soms shirts.

We tried a couple of different tying techniques. Here I will show you some examples, together with some (very amazing) drawings of how I tied them.
After tying the tops, it's the same thing for every one of them. Just lay them in a bucket that's filled with 2/3 water and 1/3 household bleach. Leave it in until you find that it's the shade you like. Bare in mind that the fabric appears darker because it's wet. Usually this is after around 10 minutes.

1 Flower shape

Because I didn't know how to explain the first and second style, I decided to draw them.
Step 1 Lay your top on a flat surface
Step 2 Grab the middle of the top (If that's where you want the center of the circle to be) and twist it until the whole top is in a spiral shape.
Step 3 Take some ribbons/elastics and tie them around your spiral. In the end it should look like the flowery shape I drew.

2 Triangles
Step 1 Fold the shirt in four parts. FLTR it's "fold back, fold front, fold back, fold front". The sleeves should be on the outside.
Step 2 Fold according to the lines in the second image, also front, back, front, back etc. You should end in a triangle shape. 
Step 3 now tie it like in the picture.

3 This one was done the same way as the first one, only I left it in a lot shorter.

4 As you can see I just dipped this one in the bucket for a couple of minutes.

Hope you like it and try it yourself! 

donderdag, mei 29, 2014

DIY Bracelet

This afternoon I made this bracelet. It's super easy to do.
All you need is some beads, some rope and a needle and thread.

Step 1
Knot the rope.

Step 2
Put  needle with thread through the right string, then through the bead, and through the left string.

Step 3
Go from the right to the left a few times so it stays put. Make a little knot and cut the thread. Repeat step 2 and 3 with all the beads, you can put them closer together if you want.

Step 4
Finish with a knot, and there you go! A super easy and fun bracelet!

Hope you like it :)

vrijdag, april 18, 2014


Today I made a top. The fabric was only €5 and I love it.

1 Self made top
2 Black jeans, H&M
3 Black All-Stars, Converse

maandag, april 14, 2014

Simple Spring Make-up Style

Here's an easy make up look for spring, especially pretty with blue eyes, but it looks good on any eyecolor :).

E.L.F. Eyeschadow Palet

Etos Liquid Eyeshadow

Etos Sparkling Pencil

Bourjois Volume Seduction Mascara

Hope you try it out!

zondag, april 13, 2014

maandag, maart 24, 2014

Super Healthy Recipe #1

I made this a few days ago, and I really loved it. So that's why I am going to share it with you.

What you'll need for 2/3 p:
250 g chicken
half a mango
200 g quinoa
1 courgette
2 red onions
1 clove of garlic
some babycorn
100 ml coconutcream
chili powder
olive oil

Step 1
Cook the quinoa according to the instructions on the packaging.

Step 2
Cut the chicken in to little pieces and season them with some pepper and chili

Step 3
Pour some olive oil into a wok and add the chicken.

Step 4
Cut the courgette and onions in little pieces and add them to the chicken. Add garlic if you like.

Step 5
Add the coconutcream, babycorn and quinoa and let the coconutcream set a little.

Step 6
Cut the mango in slices and add them too. Let this cook for about 2 minutes, and you're done!

vrijdag, maart 21, 2014

How to be the Best Version of You PART TWO

This time I want to write about skincare for the face. I don't usually wear make-up except when I go out, so I have to make sure my skin always looks healthy!

First of all, washing the face.
The most important thing here is to NEVER WASH YOUR FACE WITH SOAP. Soap will dry out your skin and can even damage it irreversibly.
For cleaning your face you should use a product that's supposed to be used on your face. There's different kinds of products, and which one you should use depends on your skintype.
There's basically three types of skin.
Most products will have a label on the package that tells which skintypes it's for.

I myself use a cleansing milk and a resfreshing tonic after that. The tonic will refresh and moisturize the skin.
For removing eye- and lipmake-up it's better to use a make-up remover.

The next step is using a daycream. A lot of people don't use a daycream but a moisturizer instead. I think what's best for you depends on how bad your skin is and how much it endures during the day. Usually I only wear a daycream which is enough for me, since I don't usually wear foundation. If you wear a lot of heavy make-up, I'd recommend using both.
Daycreams usually have vitamins in them, and also SPF. This is very important if you don't want to look like a granny at age 35. If you feel like your skin gets tired and doesn't feel that nice, you could also use a nightcream. These have a lot of vitamins in them so your skin can get ready for the next day.
Which products to buy will also depend on your skintype. 

If you have really bad skin I'd recommend using I light facial mask twice a week. You can buy these almost everywhere, but it's also possible to make them yourself. I myself usually do a mask of almondmilk, honey and a little bit of olive-oil. I have pretty dry skin, but if your skin is quite oily you probably shouldn't use olive oil. Avocado is also good for your skin, along with a lot of other things we keep in our fridge haha.
I like these a lot:

It's also great to scrub your face every two weeks or so. Make sure you use a facial scrub, because a body scrub could damage your skin. Also stay away from the areas around your eyes, because they are very delicate and may wrinkle faster if you put pressure on them.

This one is only for when you wear make-up. If you use foundations or concealers or other types of facial make-up, you should always apply them with a brush or a sponge. You don't want to rub them in with you fingers, because your hands have a lot of oils in them that can clog your pores. Also your hands can have a lot of bacteria on them.
Always clean your brushes after using them, by just dipping them in some water and letting them dry.
I clean my brushes once a month with a brush-shampoo. But you can also use make-up remover for that.
This one from E.L.F. is only about five euros:

Hope these tips are helpful :)

maandag, maart 17, 2014

Photoshoot with Tim Meijer

A friend of mine had to do this assignment for artschool where he had to do two kind of photoshoots. The first one very classic, and the second one he had to provoke the model. Which was me. So he desided to throw stuff at me. Here's some pictures of the shoot.
Made by Tim Meijer https://www.flickr.com/people/timmeijer/

How to be the Best Version of You PART ONE

I decided to do a series of posts about how to be the best version of yourself.
Everyone should be happy with who they are and what they look like. These tips and tricks will not change who you are or what you look like, only improve the great features you already have! Just to make you a little bit more confident about yourself.
And believe it or not, selfconfidence is the best beautyproduct there is! And the best part, it's for free.

Part One is all about hair.

First of all it's very important to take good care of your hair. Beautiful, healthy hair does so much for your look.
-Start with using a shampoo and conditioner that are good for your hair-type. There are a lot of different types of hair, and a lot of different types of shampoo and conditioner. If you don't know what type of hair you have, ask someone at the drugstore.
-Don't shower too hot. It wil ruin your hair. It doesn't have to be icecold, but make sure you stay under 30 degrees Celsius when washing your hair.
-Don't use excessive amounts of hair product.
-Don't use hot tools too often, and when you do, apply a heat-protectant 30 minutes before.
-Don't tie your hair up too often or too tight, because it will break your hair.
-Use a home-made (Or bought, that's okay too) hair-mask weekly. I'll post my own recipe on here too.

You should also make sure your hair matches your face-shape. This can make such a difference!
Generally there are four different face-shapes; round, oval, square and heart. There are a lot more but they are mostly quite similar to these four.
To find out what shape face you have you can look in a mirror and point out these spots:

Connect the dots and see what shape it is.

If your face is longer than it is wide, with soft features, your face is oval, which is considered the most ideal.
If your face is about as long as it is wide, but with soft features, you have a round face.
If your jaw is quite narrow compared to the cheekbones and forehead, and your chin is quite pointy, your face is heart shaped.
If your face is about as long as it is wide, or slightly longer and you have sharp features and angels, your face is square.

As you can see my face is oval. This means I can pretty much wear every hairstyle. The only thing you have to bear in mind is that oval faces are long, and you don't want to elongate it with a super straight hairstyle. Side swept bangs are an option if you find your oval face too long.

People that have round faces actually do want to elongate their face. To make your face look a little less round, make sure you pick a hairstyle that has a lot of layers and texture. You should stay away from straight bangs, because they shorten your face, which you probably don't want.

With a heart-shaped face, you might want to consider loose bangs, especially side swept bangs. You want to make your forehead appear smaller. Since you have a strong and sharp jaw, you don't want to much short layers around your jaw area, which will narrow your chin even more.

If you have a square face, waves and layers are your best friend. Parting your hair near the middle, and wearing it in fun loose layers around your face, will cut the edges off your forehead, and will soften out your jawline.

Hope you liked it :) More tips on how to be the best version of you soon!

zondag, maart 16, 2014

Top 5 Favorite Beauty Channels on YouTube

I am pretty obsessed with beauty tutorials on youtube. I know so much already but still I find it interesting to see what techniques other people use, and what kinds and brands of make-up. 
Here are my 5 favorite beauty channels on youtube.

1. Easy Neon
This girl is so amazingly beautiful! I love her techniques and the fact that she is not that over the top. Her eye looks are heavy but besides that she is very natural.

2. The Make Up Chair
Although she has great makeup looks, I really like the MakeupChair because of her tips. She gives great advice for people who don't have perfect skin, or the ideal face-shape. She has all these lessons about hair, makeup and skincare that are really worth watching.

3. Goss Makeup Artist
This guy really knows a lot about make-up for people that aren't supermodels. He really focusses on problems like dark skin, baggy eyes and older skin. He also has these really short videos with tips and tricks to make make-up application a lot easier.

4. Nikkie Tutorials
This is a Dutch girl, but her tutorials are in English! I really like her channel because she does a lot of red carpet looks and such. Her looks are daring but wearable, and she covers a lot of hot trends in her videos, so you'll always be up to date with what to put on your face and in your hair!

5. Bebexo
She usually does hair tutorials,  but she also has make-up videos on her channel. I really love her and her amazing talent in braiding. I started following her because I was completely obsessed with her 5 strand braiding technique. She really does stuff no one else does and it looks awesome. The techniques are pretty hard sometimes but she explains them well.

Hope you like them as much as I do!

donderdag, maart 13, 2014

I Want... Spring 2014

The sun is shining and I am totally in the mood for spring. I can't wait till I can just leave my coat at home!
So here's some items I think are must haves this spring. I think I might skip on the sportswear trend, and just stick to the croptops and festival gear. I believe pastels never get out of fashion, and I'm not really tan enough for bright colours, so this is it :D. for now.

woensdag, maart 12, 2014

Spring 2014: Typography

Here's something I really don't get in this seasons fashion. Well I kindof get it but I definitely don't like it.
Typography. Why do we need words or sentences on our clothing? Why do I need to wear a slogan on my chest? Last couple of weeks, every item I've seen had at least one word on it. Usually they don't even really make sense. Just a regular font in Italic. "Happiness", "Dare", "Good Times".
I just want my clothes plain, or with an allover print. Maybe some studs or so. But no writing.
I get that H&M does this. But on the runways you see it too, and I just don't think it's that feminine nor charming.

Pictures from Fashionising.com

If somebody could explain to me what is great about this trend, that'd be nice :)
I am sorry for ranting. And if you like this trend that's cool! It's just my personal opinion.