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woensdag, maart 12, 2014

Spring 2014: Typography

Here's something I really don't get in this seasons fashion. Well I kindof get it but I definitely don't like it.
Typography. Why do we need words or sentences on our clothing? Why do I need to wear a slogan on my chest? Last couple of weeks, every item I've seen had at least one word on it. Usually they don't even really make sense. Just a regular font in Italic. "Happiness", "Dare", "Good Times".
I just want my clothes plain, or with an allover print. Maybe some studs or so. But no writing.
I get that H&M does this. But on the runways you see it too, and I just don't think it's that feminine nor charming.

Pictures from Fashionising.com

If somebody could explain to me what is great about this trend, that'd be nice :)
I am sorry for ranting. And if you like this trend that's cool! It's just my personal opinion.

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