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zondag, maart 16, 2014

Top 5 Favorite Beauty Channels on YouTube

I am pretty obsessed with beauty tutorials on youtube. I know so much already but still I find it interesting to see what techniques other people use, and what kinds and brands of make-up. 
Here are my 5 favorite beauty channels on youtube.

1. Easy Neon
This girl is so amazingly beautiful! I love her techniques and the fact that she is not that over the top. Her eye looks are heavy but besides that she is very natural.

2. The Make Up Chair
Although she has great makeup looks, I really like the MakeupChair because of her tips. She gives great advice for people who don't have perfect skin, or the ideal face-shape. She has all these lessons about hair, makeup and skincare that are really worth watching.

3. Goss Makeup Artist
This guy really knows a lot about make-up for people that aren't supermodels. He really focusses on problems like dark skin, baggy eyes and older skin. He also has these really short videos with tips and tricks to make make-up application a lot easier.

4. Nikkie Tutorials
This is a Dutch girl, but her tutorials are in English! I really like her channel because she does a lot of red carpet looks and such. Her looks are daring but wearable, and she covers a lot of hot trends in her videos, so you'll always be up to date with what to put on your face and in your hair!

5. Bebexo
She usually does hair tutorials,  but she also has make-up videos on her channel. I really love her and her amazing talent in braiding. I started following her because I was completely obsessed with her 5 strand braiding technique. She really does stuff no one else does and it looks awesome. The techniques are pretty hard sometimes but she explains them well.

Hope you like them as much as I do!

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