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donderdag, september 30, 2010

make-up tips

So this is how you make smokey eye's, without looking smoked out.
It'll also make your eyes look bigger, if you just use an eyeshadow pallet with colours close to your own skincolour.

dinsdag, september 28, 2010

About last post

I kinda got inspired for my last design, by the dress from the nina ricci l'Elixir ad..
This one:

Another promdress design

So I designed another promdress.. I really cant choose..
well, I do have a lot time left to think about it, since prom is in like, june or someting xD.

maandag, september 27, 2010

promdress design

So, I came up with an idea for a prom dress, and I quickly painted it, but I dont have PhotoShop anymore, so I had to use paint, and that sucks
Well anyway, this is it.
the bag and the top are crème btw, not white xD.

zondag, september 26, 2010

25th anniversary of lucs grandparents

Today is the 25th anniversary of lucs grandparents, and I dont I'm gonna enjoy myself very well over there, but I sure had fun making them a drawing together with luc. So, this is my sketch, I'll post lucs fotoshopped version later :)
The empty spots on the body's, that's where the pictures of their faces will be, and me and luc are the little angels.

donderdag, september 23, 2010

Shoe collection

I was bored so I decided to take a picture of all my shoes together.
Now it's a big shoeflower :D
Unfortunately I was too lazy too go search all of my shoes, so a few are missing..

Evi's chinese koala cookies :D

look how cute they are (L)

zaterdag, september 18, 2010

dinsdag, september 14, 2010

Weird fashion stuff

Alexander Wang Bra
Looks awesome, but can you wear it as a not-so-boyish shaped girl?

T by Alexander Wang
Ponte Criss Cross Bra
 2 Tavi Gevinson.
She might be famous and all, but I don't get why a caring mother would let her 11 year old daughter walk on 15 cm heels, dye her hair every week and wear shine-through, provocing clothes. Not that StyleRookie doesn't have greeeat fashion sense, and she ís 14 already, I think 11 is too young for blogging.
Tavi Gevinson (style rookie)
3 THE Kelly Osbourne in a Samplesize Betsey Johnson dress? What happened to fat gothic Kelly?


4 Hurray, everyone can become an artist now. Seriously, imagine earning biiig money with just folding paper and drawing faces on it..
Well this dude certainly knows that already.
Lady Gaga by Vic Matos
Michael Jackson by Vic Matos
5 Doutzen Kroes is pregnant :0
Wow, and she's just starting to become one of the most succesful models of this century. Anyway, congratulations :)

Doutzen Kroes zonder buikje, voor Victoria's Secret


This saturday dubstep in Effenaar x3

Hope it's any good. The Dutch stuff. But WALSH is okay anyway^^

donderdag, september 09, 2010


Yes yes yes I found my dress <3
My sister had it in her room. -->
Pull and Bear dress

And and and new shoes :)
Which I really needed for with my bf-jeans and new look jacket. -->
New Look jacket & bf-jeans

Sacha shoes 

dinsdag, september 07, 2010

Trends I adore (Autumn/fall 2010)

Camel coat


Thigh High boots again, still.

Army style, severe and yet so charming :)
Brooches, so cute :)
Socks in or over heels

maandag, september 06, 2010