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donderdag, november 25, 2010

Photoshoot Artclass

I had to make pictures for artclass, so Evi, Nathalie and me decided to do a whole shoot xD.
Here's some shots.

Pink :0

Okay last night i was totally like, must change something.
So I dyed a little piece of my bangs pink xD.
I kinda like it :p

dinsdag, november 23, 2010

zondag, november 14, 2010

B-day party

Yesterday was my birthdayparty, it was totally awesomee :o except for the fact that the frontdoor-window broke :0.. Here's some pics
daniel + vadim
Daniel and Vadim xD
daniel + amie + emily + tom
Daniel, Amie, Emily, Tom

wutchu lookin at? - Anouk Van den Boogaard, Luc Bervoets
Me, Luc, Tom, Daniel
danny + vincent
Danny and Vincent xD
jeffrey thumbs up
pim - Pim Boin
donna + kim
Donna and Kim
daniel + tom
Daniel and Tom?
joppe + vincent + tom
Joppe, Vincent, Tom
dylan - Dylan Greene

dinsdag, november 09, 2010