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dinsdag, september 14, 2010

Weird fashion stuff

Alexander Wang Bra
Looks awesome, but can you wear it as a not-so-boyish shaped girl?

T by Alexander Wang
Ponte Criss Cross Bra
 2 Tavi Gevinson.
She might be famous and all, but I don't get why a caring mother would let her 11 year old daughter walk on 15 cm heels, dye her hair every week and wear shine-through, provocing clothes. Not that StyleRookie doesn't have greeeat fashion sense, and she ís 14 already, I think 11 is too young for blogging.
Tavi Gevinson (style rookie)
3 THE Kelly Osbourne in a Samplesize Betsey Johnson dress? What happened to fat gothic Kelly?


4 Hurray, everyone can become an artist now. Seriously, imagine earning biiig money with just folding paper and drawing faces on it..
Well this dude certainly knows that already.
Lady Gaga by Vic Matos
Michael Jackson by Vic Matos
5 Doutzen Kroes is pregnant :0
Wow, and she's just starting to become one of the most succesful models of this century. Anyway, congratulations :)

Doutzen Kroes zonder buikje, voor Victoria's Secret


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