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vrijdag, maart 21, 2014

How to be the Best Version of You PART TWO

This time I want to write about skincare for the face. I don't usually wear make-up except when I go out, so I have to make sure my skin always looks healthy!

First of all, washing the face.
The most important thing here is to NEVER WASH YOUR FACE WITH SOAP. Soap will dry out your skin and can even damage it irreversibly.
For cleaning your face you should use a product that's supposed to be used on your face. There's different kinds of products, and which one you should use depends on your skintype.
There's basically three types of skin.
Most products will have a label on the package that tells which skintypes it's for.

I myself use a cleansing milk and a resfreshing tonic after that. The tonic will refresh and moisturize the skin.
For removing eye- and lipmake-up it's better to use a make-up remover.

The next step is using a daycream. A lot of people don't use a daycream but a moisturizer instead. I think what's best for you depends on how bad your skin is and how much it endures during the day. Usually I only wear a daycream which is enough for me, since I don't usually wear foundation. If you wear a lot of heavy make-up, I'd recommend using both.
Daycreams usually have vitamins in them, and also SPF. This is very important if you don't want to look like a granny at age 35. If you feel like your skin gets tired and doesn't feel that nice, you could also use a nightcream. These have a lot of vitamins in them so your skin can get ready for the next day.
Which products to buy will also depend on your skintype. 

If you have really bad skin I'd recommend using I light facial mask twice a week. You can buy these almost everywhere, but it's also possible to make them yourself. I myself usually do a mask of almondmilk, honey and a little bit of olive-oil. I have pretty dry skin, but if your skin is quite oily you probably shouldn't use olive oil. Avocado is also good for your skin, along with a lot of other things we keep in our fridge haha.
I like these a lot:

It's also great to scrub your face every two weeks or so. Make sure you use a facial scrub, because a body scrub could damage your skin. Also stay away from the areas around your eyes, because they are very delicate and may wrinkle faster if you put pressure on them.

This one is only for when you wear make-up. If you use foundations or concealers or other types of facial make-up, you should always apply them with a brush or a sponge. You don't want to rub them in with you fingers, because your hands have a lot of oils in them that can clog your pores. Also your hands can have a lot of bacteria on them.
Always clean your brushes after using them, by just dipping them in some water and letting them dry.
I clean my brushes once a month with a brush-shampoo. But you can also use make-up remover for that.
This one from E.L.F. is only about five euros:

Hope these tips are helpful :)

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