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vrijdag, juni 13, 2014

DIY Tie Dye Bleaching

Yesterday me and a friend of mine desided to tie dye bleach soms shirts.

We tried a couple of different tying techniques. Here I will show you some examples, together with some (very amazing) drawings of how I tied them.
After tying the tops, it's the same thing for every one of them. Just lay them in a bucket that's filled with 2/3 water and 1/3 household bleach. Leave it in until you find that it's the shade you like. Bare in mind that the fabric appears darker because it's wet. Usually this is after around 10 minutes.

1 Flower shape

Because I didn't know how to explain the first and second style, I decided to draw them.
Step 1 Lay your top on a flat surface
Step 2 Grab the middle of the top (If that's where you want the center of the circle to be) and twist it until the whole top is in a spiral shape.
Step 3 Take some ribbons/elastics and tie them around your spiral. In the end it should look like the flowery shape I drew.

2 Triangles
Step 1 Fold the shirt in four parts. FLTR it's "fold back, fold front, fold back, fold front". The sleeves should be on the outside.
Step 2 Fold according to the lines in the second image, also front, back, front, back etc. You should end in a triangle shape. 
Step 3 now tie it like in the picture.

3 This one was done the same way as the first one, only I left it in a lot shorter.

4 As you can see I just dipped this one in the bucket for a couple of minutes.

Hope you like it and try it yourself! 

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